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Get more engagement on your Instagram reels

I've got some great tips to get better engagement on your Instagram reels!

Here we go!

Use the correct layout

Make sure that your video is filmed portrait and fits the reel experience. Its easy to see if a landscape filmed video has been repurposed and it doesn't look great!

Get Interesting - Fast

Use something to get people paying attention fast! This could be a flashy entrance, eye catching sticker or bold text.

Keep it creative

Fun transitions, a good story line or something to create some movement are great ways to keep viewers attention.

Film & edit within Instagram

Videos that are made and edited within Instagram will get favored by the algorithm.

Answer a pressing question

Answering something your viewers are curious about is a great way to provide valuable content your audience will engage with. Think about what they are interested in and what you can provide.

Have a call to action

Tell people what to do next, be it like the reel, head to your profile for more or drop a comment below.

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