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Should I be checking my Google Analytics?

Updated: May 16, 2021

My small business owners ask me, should I be checking my analytics?

Well my response is normally, do you have a website? Yes? Then YES!

Google analytics is super important when it comes to owning a business. It gives you direct information into what your customers are doing on your site, how long they are staying, where they are coming from and So. Much. More.

Yes, it looks super intimidating when you first hop in there, and there are a few ways to set up easier to read reports. But I promise its really not that scary and you will be amazed at the things you can learn when you start looking around.

For one it gives a great indication of if your other marketing efforts are successful.

I recently did a year on year comparison for a client. About a year ago I set up a new website for them and with this, some nifty new Google Ads. The budget wasn’t high either. Now, I work with some brands where the average monthly spend on Google Ads is roughly $4000. But that’s not doable for everyone, especially growing businesses and you really don’t need a big but to get results. For this business owner, we are able to put $500 per month on Google Ads so that’s what I worked with here.

Over the last year their business has started booming and when you look at the analytics – you can pretty much see why.

Well, from January 2020-April 2020 the total number of website visitors they had was 452 and during the same time period the following year, January 2021-April 2021, they received 2904 website visitors. Let me also add that no, they are not in the facemask or hand sanitizer business! (Lets hope this 2020 joke stands the test of time!)

But back to the serious talk. That’s a massive increase. And it explains clearly, the boom in business and why this business owner went from taking any clients he could to turning clients down.

And that’s not the only thing we’ve learnt. Another key learning was the number of customers who on this website, visit the meet the team page. Even I was surprised by this but when I saw it, it made so much sense.

This business sends the team to clients homes to provide the services they offer. So of course the clients want to know who is coming to work in their home. By featuring this, clients can feel that they are getting to know the people before they commit to business and I know I would sure love to know a little about the people coming to work in my house before I let them in.

I believe this simple page which has a profile of each team member is making a huge difference. And we have used this insight in other aspects of marking such as on their newsletter and social posting strategy.

And as mentioned earlier, the results of a little more strategic marketing is a whole lot more sales.

So if you’re not already doing the occasional deep dive into Google Analytics I highly recommend it. And if you feel you would like someone with more of a marketing eye getting in there – lets get in touch!

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