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Why Social Media isn't working for you

Poor quality Imagery

Good images are crucial to a successful page and professional image, you simply have to be nailing it and often times this is a key issue.

Lack of value

Its important that you provide value to your customers. Spoiler, no one cares about your brand the way you do so you cant just talk about it the whole time. Find out what your audience is interested in.

Check your metrics

Your insights and metrics tell you A LOT about your customers interests and behaviours, you should be monitoring these very closely and adapting based on your findings.

You’re not using the platform correctly

All the social platforms are different and if you identify a key platform where your followers spend time, you should make sure you are using it to the best of its functionality. Repurposing content doesn’t always work in your favour. And don’t feel pressured to be on every platform, use a few well rather than all poorly.

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