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How to change or transfer the page owner on Facebook

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

If you are looking to change or transfer the page owner of your Facebook page you have come to the right place.

You're probably doing this because you have set up a Facebook page for someone else or you are selling your business.

Either way these are the steps you need to navigate the transfer of Facebook page owner.

So if you created the page, first, add the new person as an admin of the page.

Once they have accepted the role as admin, go back to the Page and scroll down to Page Roles.

You and the new admin should now show.

Next, the new admin needs to be made the Page owner.

Business manager settings

You also need to add the new owner to the Business Manager area for the Page. You will need to create a Facebook business manager if you have not yet.

Your new admin needs to go to their Business Manager account and into Business settings to do the following:

- Go to Accounts and click Pages then +Add.

- Add the Page name or URL and toggle the permissions as an admin. Then request access.

You can then accept this, and the person will see the Page on their Business Manager.

If you need more help with the Facebook Business Manager, you can find it here.

Removing yourself as Page owner

The final step is to remove yourself as a Page owner. You need to do this both in the Page and in the Business Manager.

On the Page settings, go to Existing Page Roles and edit yourself.

There’s an option to ‘Remove.’ Select this.

This removes you from the Page.

Next head to Business Manager to Accounts.

Go to Pages and select the Page you want to remove then click ‘Remove.’

This leaves the new owner

as the admin. They can then go into the Business Manager and add themselves as the Page owner.

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