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Creating Differentiation

#1MinMarketingSeries Learn what is differentiation and why is it is crucial to your business

As a marketer, I am always asking businesses about their point of differentiation - but to someone new to marketing this can sound really dauting. Lets go over what is is and why your business may not survive without it.

Your point of differentiation is what makes your businesses unique and different.

It's what makes your products' or service stand out, and it's what you should leverage in all your marketing communication.

If you were in the candle industry for example, and everyone has the same mold, making the same white candles, you may feel like you are blending into the crowd a bit. When this is happening, customers may battle to stay loyal to one brand or just simply choose the cheapest or whoever markets to them first.

By finding something that you can be unique with, you can use that as your key conversation piece to help customers understand why they should by YOUR product specifically and why they should keep coming back.

Fragrance, Formulation, Unique design, Customer Service and sometimes just good strong marketing can do the trick!

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