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The Number 1 Marketing Struggle for Small Business Owners

We all know how it goes - You're waist deep in the day to day - getting the essentials done and a marketing thought crosses your mind, and it's AWESOME - you LOVE it - THIS is the answer to it ALL - so you write it down.

A few days later you're on admin and see that note - {insert marketing thing here} - and you remember how excited you were, how it was just the thing YOUR business needed to get to the next level. So then you start trying to bring it to life, but as you're sitting there you start feeling a little lost - what was it again? Was this what I was so excited about? - How do I get out there? - Will my customers care about this? - I thought they would.... the other day...

It's all feeling a little vague now, but you think you have it - so you make an Instagram post -perfect image, great caption, maybe even a 'trending' song - and you share it.........and nothing happens.....and then your mom likes it, and that employee who also works in the office.... and those are your two likes, and that’s it, and you back to your day to day and that marketing idea, which WAS probably great, goes to die, in trenches of crossed out to-dos and random scribbles on a used notebook page.

And this isn’t unusual, this is one of the most common issues you share with other small business owners - because the truth is you are an expert in your field, that’s why you started this business and that’s where you put your effort into, but marketing, that’s a whole other skillset and to really get great things from it, you need a marketing expert.

Now an inhouse marketing person doesn’t make sense for your business, you are a SMALL BUSINESS after all – so you’re doing it all yourself – or, you have your admin manager and they post every now and again, they sent an email to customers a few weeks ago (or was it months ago?) – isn’t that enough?

Not really – but you know that already.

Whether it’s you handling your own marketing, or a member of your team who is not a marketing specialist, having the insight from one can be invaluable.

This won’t cost you a fortune, you’ll be surprised, but what you will get out of it is:

·         Clarity on what is happening in the market

·         Guidance on how to use your/ your teams time more valuably

·         Steps that you can action yourself/inhouse

·         Ideas for the future that can make a real impact to your business

·         Recommendations on better apps, programs to streamline your processes

·         Elevation of your marketing without the extra person on payroll

·         Peace of Mind that you wont be up until 1am googling where things are now that meta just changed its business manager layout AGAIN.

So how do you get this for your small business?

360° Reviews and Marketing Consults are vital.


360° Reviews are full marketing based review of your business. You receive a report including areas of opportunity, competitor analysis & clear cut goals & next steps for you to implement.


Marketing Consults can be scheduled around your calendar, some businesses go for 2 times a month, some go for once a week, some go monthly. They are a great way to talk about your ideas, plans and get your marketing goals fast tracked!

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